Monday, June 14, 2010

A Cake 'n Crumbs Good-Bye

  Hello all! With all of our recent rainy, gloomy days, I hope you are finding fun things to do indoors. Rain, rain, go away! Enough already! In addition to trying to find ways to keep the kids from going stir-crazy from being inside all day, a lot has been happening in my neck of the woods. My husband and I moved our family into a bigger house in a quieter neighborhood. We are so excited that our children will have a nice environment to grow up in! I have also been super busy with fulfilling cake and cookie orders for weddings, birthdays, and baby showers! Crazy, but exciting, times!

  One other HUGE change is that I have decided to leave Cake ‘n Crumbs to focus on my All Occasions business. Several years prior to joining CNC, I opened All Occasions. Through All Occasions, I make cakes (wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc.), cookies (decorated sugar, cookies-on-a-stick, chocolate chip, etc.), cookie bouquets, chocolate candies and suckers, Christmas candy platters, and so much more! For the Do-It-Yourselfers, All Occasions sells decorating supplies and ingredients and rents cake (round, square, hexagon, shaped, novelty, etc.) and cookie pans, shaped gelatin molds, wedding cake accessories, and chocolate fondue fountains. If All Occasions can be of any help to you, my contact information will remain the same!!

While it is my dream to open my own All Occasions shop one day, I currently have the business’s office in my home and rent time in a licensed kitchen to make my neat treats. There is a strong possibility that this dream will become reality once my children start school. Right now being a full-time Mom and part-time confection artist is my calling. If you are still interested in learning a food decorating technique, I will occasionally be holding Workshops and Open Houses and will still be available to hold Parties for birthdays, scout meetings, recreation department programs, etc!

  To keep everyone informed on the happenings at All Occasions, including Workshop and Open House dates, I have set up a Facebook Page (All Occasions Green Bay Fan Page) and a blog (All Occasions Green Bay Blog). I truly hope you will join us there to keep up to date with all of the happenings at All Occasions, get the instructions for some of the neat treats that I have made, and learn about some of the neat new tools that I come across!

  Why am I leaving Cake ‘n Crumbs? Well, I was recently informed about a BIG change for Cake ‘n Crumbs. Starting in August, the Cake ‘n Crumbs (CNC) company will no longer be offering hosts any discounts or free items for hosting a Class and they are suggesting that instead of holding ‘Classes’, that their Members (no longer called Instructors) hold Workshops. The difference between Classes and Workshops is that each participant in the Workshop pays a fee to attend, whereas, Classes were free. If I wanted to hold free CNC Classes and still offer discounts and free items to hosts, I would have to pay for these benefits from my own pocket. While I love teaching and have a passion for the art of food decorating, this change makes my net income, even with a commission increase, not worth the time I would spend with Class preparations, travelling, ordering, advertising, etc. So, it is with deep sadness that I had to choose not to continue with CNC under their new format.

  I would like to say "Good-Bye." and “THANK YOU!!” to all of my CNC customers! I had a blast with each of you! As I am wrapping up my CNC business and building my All Occasions business, I hope that you will follow me to All Occasions. Through All Occasions, I will do everything that I can to be your source for All your Occasions that you need neat treats and the supplies to make them. I am looking forward to a new and improved service for you through All Occasions!



Candice Kunesh
All Occasions
920-EZ-SWEET (920-397-9338)
FaceBook: AllOccasionsGB

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baptismal Gown Cake

  When my daughter was baptized, I made this cake for the celebration with our family and friends.  Two cakes were baked in the Wilton T-Shirt cake pan.  Cake A was horizontally cut just below the arms and the T-Shirt top piece was set aside.  The curved bottom of Cake B was removed and set aside.  The bottom piece of Cake A was placed below the Cake B piece, with cut edges put next to each other.  The combined cakes were trimmed to remove the flared sides.

  The entire cake was iced with Buttercream Icing (butter, shortening, powdered sugar, Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water) and then smoothed using a 4 ½” Off-Set Spatula (#1305).  Next, all of the lace pieces were added.  Tip #6 (#406-06) was used to outline the arms of the gown.  Tip #2 (#402-02) was used to make the Cornelli lace designs.  Tip #45 was used to make the two larger bows and the bottom trim.  Tip #44 was used to make the 2 smaller bows.  For the lettering, a small amount of Buttercream Icing was tinted with Fuchsia Soft Gel Paste Dye (#127) and Tip #6 (#402-06) was used.  Royal Icing (powdered sugar, Meringue Powder (#76-1508), Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water), Tip #12 (#402-12), and Tip #104 (#P402-104) were used to make the rose.

PS – If you’re wondering what to do with the ‘leftover’ cake pieces, then stay tuned!  My cake ball recipe is coming soon!! Yummy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monkey Cake

  This cake I made for my sister’s birthday. I used the Wilton Teddy Bear (Stand Up) Pan to make the basic shape of the cake. Since this cake needed to be transported, the cake was secured to the base using wooden dowels. The base was wrapped with food-safe foil and the wooden dowels were pushed through the foil and inserted into holes in the base prior to the cake being added.

  Once the cake was supported, the ‘Teddy Bear’ ears were cut off, moved down, and reattached using toothpicks to get the monkey ears. A small portion of the face was removed to sculpt the shape of the monkey’s face.

  Buttercream Icing was tinted with Americolor Chocolate Brown Soft Gel Paste Dye (#104) to make the dark brown and light brown icing used for the monkey’s body. Americolor Deep Pink Gel Paste Dye (#114) was used for the tinted icing for the bow and flower petals. Small amounts of Buttercream Icing were tinted with Americolor Super Black Soft Gel Paste Dye (#101) and Americolor Electric Purple Soft Gel Paste Dye (part of the #EGPA set of Gel Paste Dyes) and were used for the monkey’s pupils and the flower center, respectively.

  Tip #16 (#402-16) was used to add the stars, Tip #12 (#402-12) was used to add the whites of the eyes, the pupils, and the flower center, and Tip #6 (#402-06) was used for the outlining and to fill in the tongue. The whites of the eyes, pupils, flower center, and tongue were smoothed using a 4 1/2” Off-Set Spatula (#1305).

  The tail and nose were made using Tootsie Rolls. Several Tootsie Rolls were microwaved briefly and kneaded together and shaped into a tail and a nose. Both the tail and the nose were secured in place using toothpicks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sweet Details

  Here are the sweet details on the Cake ‘n Crumbs New Instructor Special. I am SO excited about this because now you can start your very own business for just $99!
  • For $99 you will receive the Sweet Essentials Kit which contains the business supplies you need for teaching your first 4 Classes!
  • You can also take advantage of Sweet Essentials PLUS Kit, which includes everything in the Sweet Essentials Kit PLUS consumables for you to play with or to use for teaching your Classes for only $130!
  • For the sweetest deal of all, you can select the DELUXE KIT for a steal at $299!! This kit contains everything in the Sweet Essentials PLUS Kit and so much more!!
To view the details of what is included in the kits, please Click Here.

  How could this deal get any sweeter?? Let me tell you!! In addition to more affordable options for a Start-Up Kit, New Instructors will now receive a 25% commission! Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!!

  So, let’s recap. Become a Cake ‘n Crumbs Instructor today and you will receive a great deal on a Start-Up Kit, get an immediate pay raise, and be ready for the busy season!! There will not be a better opportunity to start your very own business! Call or email me today and let me help you to enjoy your ‘crumby’ job as much as I do!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LIMITED TIME OFFER!! Become a Cake 'n Crumbs Instructor Special!!

  HOT OFF THE PRESSES!! Through the months of March to May, 2010, become a Cake ‘n Crumbs Instructor and you will receive an increased commission and be able to take advantage of dramatically reduced prices on a Start-Up Kit! This is a limited time offer. Instructors joining after May 2010, will not receive the new commission rate, nor will they be able to take advantage of the reduced Start-Up Kit prices.

  By getting  a foothold on your new business now, not  only will you  get an  immediate pay  raise, you  will be ‘seasoned’ for Fall, our busiest time of the year!  Contact me at  or 920-EZ-SWEET (397-9338) TODAY for more information!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tinker Bell Cake

  I made this cake for my daughter’s Tinker Bell themed, third birthday. It was a 12” x 18” chocolate cake with Buttercream Icing. Overall it was a very easy cake to make.

  The path was made of Buttercream Icing topped with crushed graham crackers. (Brown sugar could also be used.) This step was done first to help control placement of the crushed graham crackers.

  For the grass, AmeriColor Leaf Green Soft Gel Past Dye (#111) was used. AmeriColor Mint Green Soft Gel Past Dye was used for the tinted icing on the sides of cake. (If you cannot find Mint Green Soft Gel Paste Dye, Leaf Green (#111) could be used.) A small amount of Buttercream Icing was tinted with Lemon Yellow Soft Gel Paste Dye (#107) and was used for the lettering. Tip #233 (#402-233) was used to make the grass, Royal Icing and Tip #131 (#F402-131) were used to make the small flowers, and Tip #3 (#402-03) was used for the lettering.

  The large flowers were molded chocolates. The Rosebud Sucker Mold (#90-13123) along with several other miscellaneous flower molds and Merckens Pink (#70-1252), Yellow (#70-1352), Orange (#70-1702), Holiday Green (#70-1352), and Red (#70-1552) Candy Wafers, and Nestle Westchester (#71-1100) and White (#71-1200) Candy Wafers were used. 6 ½” Lollipop Sticks (#88-60A) and 8” Lollipop Sticks (#88-50A) were used to make the chocolate flower suckers.

  The Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn, and Iridessa figurines were purchased online from the Disney Store.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


  Welcome to my Cake 'n Crumbs Blog!  Blogging is completely new to me, so please bear with me as I learn how it works.  My initial intention with this blog is to keep you informed about the happenings at Cake 'n Crumbs (CNC), to post ideas and instructions for some of the neat treats that I have made, offer tips and tricks for making confections, and to review new products that I come across.
  I have had a passion for creative baking and treat making since I was a small child.  I just LOVE playing with cakes, cookies, and chocolate!  I dare say I looked forward to Christmas candy making more than the arrival of Santa!  In March of 2008, I expanded my hobby into a 'crumby' job when I joined the Cake 'n Crumbs Family.
  Cake ‘n Crumbs (CNC) is a home based direct sales business that teaches hands on cake decorating, cookie decorating, and creative candy making Classes. There over 20 different Classes to choose from! Check out for more information.

  Through CNC, I can teach you how to give your cakes and cupcakes a professional look for a fraction of the cost, make filled chocolates that look like cute little critters, create a beautiful cookie bouquet that you can give for a special occasion, and so much more! After you attend one of my Classes or Workshops, you will be the envy of every Mom (or Dad!) at the Bake Sale!

  Also through Cake ‘n Crumbs, I offer over 700 different products that can be purchased either at a Class, directly from me, or through the CNC website. The items that I can provide for you include a full line of cake, cookie, and candy making supplies and tools, as well as, top of the line bake ware, useful kitchen tools, and specialty items.

  If this sounds interesting to you, contact me today to schedule a Class, attend an upcoming Workshop, place an order, or to receive my email Newsletter! You can find me at, 920-EZ-SWEET (397-9338), and on the Facebook Page: Cake 'n Crumbs - Candice Kunesh ( 

Happy Baking!