Thursday, February 25, 2010

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  By getting  a foothold on your new business now, not  only will you  get an  immediate pay  raise, you  will be ‘seasoned’ for Fall, our busiest time of the year!  Contact me at  or 920-EZ-SWEET (397-9338) TODAY for more information!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tinker Bell Cake

  I made this cake for my daughter’s Tinker Bell themed, third birthday. It was a 12” x 18” chocolate cake with Buttercream Icing. Overall it was a very easy cake to make.

  The path was made of Buttercream Icing topped with crushed graham crackers. (Brown sugar could also be used.) This step was done first to help control placement of the crushed graham crackers.

  For the grass, AmeriColor Leaf Green Soft Gel Past Dye (#111) was used. AmeriColor Mint Green Soft Gel Past Dye was used for the tinted icing on the sides of cake. (If you cannot find Mint Green Soft Gel Paste Dye, Leaf Green (#111) could be used.) A small amount of Buttercream Icing was tinted with Lemon Yellow Soft Gel Paste Dye (#107) and was used for the lettering. Tip #233 (#402-233) was used to make the grass, Royal Icing and Tip #131 (#F402-131) were used to make the small flowers, and Tip #3 (#402-03) was used for the lettering.

  The large flowers were molded chocolates. The Rosebud Sucker Mold (#90-13123) along with several other miscellaneous flower molds and Merckens Pink (#70-1252), Yellow (#70-1352), Orange (#70-1702), Holiday Green (#70-1352), and Red (#70-1552) Candy Wafers, and Nestle Westchester (#71-1100) and White (#71-1200) Candy Wafers were used. 6 ½” Lollipop Sticks (#88-60A) and 8” Lollipop Sticks (#88-50A) were used to make the chocolate flower suckers.

  The Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn, and Iridessa figurines were purchased online from the Disney Store.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


  Welcome to my Cake 'n Crumbs Blog!  Blogging is completely new to me, so please bear with me as I learn how it works.  My initial intention with this blog is to keep you informed about the happenings at Cake 'n Crumbs (CNC), to post ideas and instructions for some of the neat treats that I have made, offer tips and tricks for making confections, and to review new products that I come across.
  I have had a passion for creative baking and treat making since I was a small child.  I just LOVE playing with cakes, cookies, and chocolate!  I dare say I looked forward to Christmas candy making more than the arrival of Santa!  In March of 2008, I expanded my hobby into a 'crumby' job when I joined the Cake 'n Crumbs Family.
  Cake ‘n Crumbs (CNC) is a home based direct sales business that teaches hands on cake decorating, cookie decorating, and creative candy making Classes. There over 20 different Classes to choose from! Check out for more information.

  Through CNC, I can teach you how to give your cakes and cupcakes a professional look for a fraction of the cost, make filled chocolates that look like cute little critters, create a beautiful cookie bouquet that you can give for a special occasion, and so much more! After you attend one of my Classes or Workshops, you will be the envy of every Mom (or Dad!) at the Bake Sale!

  Also through Cake ‘n Crumbs, I offer over 700 different products that can be purchased either at a Class, directly from me, or through the CNC website. The items that I can provide for you include a full line of cake, cookie, and candy making supplies and tools, as well as, top of the line bake ware, useful kitchen tools, and specialty items.

  If this sounds interesting to you, contact me today to schedule a Class, attend an upcoming Workshop, place an order, or to receive my email Newsletter! You can find me at, 920-EZ-SWEET (397-9338), and on the Facebook Page: Cake 'n Crumbs - Candice Kunesh ( 

Happy Baking!