Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baptismal Gown Cake

  When my daughter was baptized, I made this cake for the celebration with our family and friends.  Two cakes were baked in the Wilton T-Shirt cake pan.  Cake A was horizontally cut just below the arms and the T-Shirt top piece was set aside.  The curved bottom of Cake B was removed and set aside.  The bottom piece of Cake A was placed below the Cake B piece, with cut edges put next to each other.  The combined cakes were trimmed to remove the flared sides.

  The entire cake was iced with Buttercream Icing (butter, shortening, powdered sugar, Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water) and then smoothed using a 4 ½” Off-Set Spatula (#1305).  Next, all of the lace pieces were added.  Tip #6 (#406-06) was used to outline the arms of the gown.  Tip #2 (#402-02) was used to make the Cornelli lace designs.  Tip #45 was used to make the two larger bows and the bottom trim.  Tip #44 was used to make the 2 smaller bows.  For the lettering, a small amount of Buttercream Icing was tinted with Fuchsia Soft Gel Paste Dye (#127) and Tip #6 (#402-06) was used.  Royal Icing (powdered sugar, Meringue Powder (#76-1508), Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water), Tip #12 (#402-12), and Tip #104 (#P402-104) were used to make the rose.

PS – If you’re wondering what to do with the ‘leftover’ cake pieces, then stay tuned!  My cake ball recipe is coming soon!! Yummy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monkey Cake

  This cake I made for my sister’s birthday. I used the Wilton Teddy Bear (Stand Up) Pan to make the basic shape of the cake. Since this cake needed to be transported, the cake was secured to the base using wooden dowels. The base was wrapped with food-safe foil and the wooden dowels were pushed through the foil and inserted into holes in the base prior to the cake being added.

  Once the cake was supported, the ‘Teddy Bear’ ears were cut off, moved down, and reattached using toothpicks to get the monkey ears. A small portion of the face was removed to sculpt the shape of the monkey’s face.

  Buttercream Icing was tinted with Americolor Chocolate Brown Soft Gel Paste Dye (#104) to make the dark brown and light brown icing used for the monkey’s body. Americolor Deep Pink Gel Paste Dye (#114) was used for the tinted icing for the bow and flower petals. Small amounts of Buttercream Icing were tinted with Americolor Super Black Soft Gel Paste Dye (#101) and Americolor Electric Purple Soft Gel Paste Dye (part of the #EGPA set of Gel Paste Dyes) and were used for the monkey’s pupils and the flower center, respectively.

  Tip #16 (#402-16) was used to add the stars, Tip #12 (#402-12) was used to add the whites of the eyes, the pupils, and the flower center, and Tip #6 (#402-06) was used for the outlining and to fill in the tongue. The whites of the eyes, pupils, flower center, and tongue were smoothed using a 4 1/2” Off-Set Spatula (#1305).

  The tail and nose were made using Tootsie Rolls. Several Tootsie Rolls were microwaved briefly and kneaded together and shaped into a tail and a nose. Both the tail and the nose were secured in place using toothpicks.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Sweet Details

  Here are the sweet details on the Cake ‘n Crumbs New Instructor Special. I am SO excited about this because now you can start your very own business for just $99!
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To view the details of what is included in the kits, please Click Here.

  How could this deal get any sweeter?? Let me tell you!! In addition to more affordable options for a Start-Up Kit, New Instructors will now receive a 25% commission! Talk about having your cake and eating it, too!!

  So, let’s recap. Become a Cake ‘n Crumbs Instructor today and you will receive a great deal on a Start-Up Kit, get an immediate pay raise, and be ready for the busy season!! There will not be a better opportunity to start your very own business! Call or email me today and let me help you to enjoy your ‘crumby’ job as much as I do!