Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baptismal Gown Cake

  When my daughter was baptized, I made this cake for the celebration with our family and friends.  Two cakes were baked in the Wilton T-Shirt cake pan.  Cake A was horizontally cut just below the arms and the T-Shirt top piece was set aside.  The curved bottom of Cake B was removed and set aside.  The bottom piece of Cake A was placed below the Cake B piece, with cut edges put next to each other.  The combined cakes were trimmed to remove the flared sides.

  The entire cake was iced with Buttercream Icing (butter, shortening, powdered sugar, Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water) and then smoothed using a 4 ½” Off-Set Spatula (#1305).  Next, all of the lace pieces were added.  Tip #6 (#406-06) was used to outline the arms of the gown.  Tip #2 (#402-02) was used to make the Cornelli lace designs.  Tip #45 was used to make the two larger bows and the bottom trim.  Tip #44 was used to make the 2 smaller bows.  For the lettering, a small amount of Buttercream Icing was tinted with Fuchsia Soft Gel Paste Dye (#127) and Tip #6 (#402-06) was used.  Royal Icing (powdered sugar, Meringue Powder (#76-1508), Clear Vanilla Extract (#42-104), Clear Almond Extract (#42-304), and water), Tip #12 (#402-12), and Tip #104 (#P402-104) were used to make the rose.

PS – If you’re wondering what to do with the ‘leftover’ cake pieces, then stay tuned!  My cake ball recipe is coming soon!! Yummy!

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